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Anadolu Medical Center aims to provide all the essential health services required through a life time, all united, from hospital services to healthy life and rehabilitation center, from nursing home to hospice, from college of nursing to a research laboratory.

The center is a unique health complex located away from the noise and the hassle of the city of Istanbul where patients can be treated in a relaxed setting. The center is on the E-5 highway, before the Bayramoglu exit, located on 42 acres (171120 m2) piece of land.

The patient rooms are homey, and comfortable with a beautiful sea view. Patient bed capacity is 209. There is an intensive care unit consisting of 59 beds and 8 operating rooms. The parking lot holds over 300 vehicles. Lighting, spaciousness, sea view, a manmade pond, natural plant life environment, abundance of green trees are part of the well thought details for a positive effect on patient care and treatment duration.

Our Services

The hospital offers:

  • Oncology
  • Cardiac Care
  • Womens Health
  • A range of Surgical specialities
  • Laboratory and Imaging
  • A range of medical Specialities
  • Neurological Sciences

See the hospital

You can now see a short video on the Anadulu Medical Centre in Turkey. The video spans the different services and facilities offered by the hospital.

Featured Sites

Cyberknife Surgery

Cyberknife is the most advanced form of radiosurgery that destroys the tumor with minimum exposure of radiation to the normal tissue surrounding the tumor.
visit the cyberknife website

IVF Treatment

The Anadolu IVF treatment programme provides infertility treatment by medical and surgical methods, using advanced assisted reproductive technology, following diagnostic investigations in both partners.
visit the IVF treatment website

Speciality Services


Cyberknife Surgery

Cyberknife, which is used for the radiotherapy of many types of cancer..

cyberknife surgery

IVF Treatment

Turkey is currently one of the most successful countries worldwide in terms of infertility treatment.

IVF Treatments

Orthopaedic Surgery

A complete range of musculoskeletal treatments enabled by the significant advances in orthopedics.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

The department encompasses the facilities to perform a wide range of Aesthetic operations

Plastic Surgery


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